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The New Workforce plays 

by New Rules.

The millennial workforce is empowered by technology and demands a different way of working. To attract top talent, it’s no longer enough to stick to tried and tested hiring methods.

For millennials, money is not the primary motivation behind choosing their workplace. They are looking for companies that understand their way of thinking, their lifestyle. They want more freedom in the workplace, flexibility and more space for creative work.

At the same time, the job market is becoming increasingly competitive, especially for demanding roles such as IT. Candidates can choose between companies they want to work for.

Your competitors can offer higher salaries or more vacation time, but you can provide workers with what they really want - to work flexibly and remotely.

How you too can hire Flexible and Remote Workers

There are 4 main things companies need to have in order to find qualified candidates easily:


a talent pool of remote / flexible employees that are easy to search 


ability to post a job online quickly and easily


full applicant tracking system (ATS) that helps you conveniently manage the hiring process - to speed up the decision making and finding the perfect candidate


publicly available company presentation page, where you can share more details about your business, team and organization - to create a positive employer brand and connect with candidates.

There’s only one problem - there is no such solution for remote hiring.


To find quality remote workers, companies had to rely on traditional job boards, which are not suited for this type of recruitment. Companies and remote workers deserve something better. They deserve Anomadic.

How Anomadic Helps in the Recruiting Process

Finding top talent can be extremely difficult, especially with limited resources for HR and recruitment teams. To find the best employees, companies need to...

Sort candidates based on their


Watch candidate videos before calling them in for interviews

Candidate sorting based on work experience

Sort candidates based on their 


Do all this in one place

Select top candidates and schedule 


Automate tasks and eliminate manual work

Sounds like a dream? It’s very much real, and you can do it all on Anomadic. Find the best developers, designers, writers, virtual assistants, system administrators… If it can be done remotely, we have workers that do it.

Post a Job

Skill Test and Assessments

Create Your Company Public Profile

Hiring Management

Candidate Sourcing 

Security and Data Migration

Screening Process


Here’s What you’ll Gain

Finding the best candidates should not be a job for you. It should be fast and easy. It should allow you to spend more time on your business and your customers. Once you get started with Anomadic, the following will happen:

Your hiring process will be 50% faster

You’ll receive 30% more quality applications than before

You’ll be able to use advanced filters to see only the candidates you need


You can target and invite remote workers that match your needs

You can check candidates’ online profiles and work history

You can check candidates’ skills using test templates

You’ll be able to invite candidates on chat or call any moment

You’ll reduce your employee turnover

The platform can never replace the human touch, but it can help save time and allow you to focus on people instead of boring procedures, manual and repetitive work.

In a word, Anomadic was created for busy people that need to find great employees fast.

“There are three kinds of people: those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those who move.”

― Benjamin Franklin

Our goal is to move things from the status quo and to improve the process of traditional hiring by making it easier for everyone. That way we can all focus on what really matters - helping companies find great people.

Do you want to experience these results yourself?

What Companies 

with Remote Workers are Saying

Companies solved the problem of lack of space in offices by employing people online

They said that 24% of remote workers are willing to work a few hours more

Many of them reduced their company's costs in the form of work equipment and other resources

Satisfaction of people working online is 45% higher over co-located candidates

53% of remote workers see their job as less stressful

60% of companies found highly qualified remote candidates

Their remote employees stay longer, work harder and offer better ROI over co-located employees

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We did not believe in remote work. We thought it was impossible to manage our team online. Then we contacted people from Anomadic, and they explained every single process in an online work environment. They did not hide anything from us. Now we are planning to hire even more people through their platform.

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